Our experience will help you to control business in China

In a six simple steps by using our services we can help you to save your time and grow your business.
  1. 1Searching for products and quality controlling China
  2. 2Verifying suppliers and conducting trade negotiation
  3. 3Supervising the implementation
  4. 4Organizing shipment, helping with air cargo shipments
  5. 5Supervising the process of loading
  6. 6Preparing and completing the documents

In the case of interest in this type of service and more detailed information about them please contact us directly or fill out the form.

All the data and information forwarded to it are treated as confidential and will be used only for the purpose of your company. Making them available on the outside can take place only with your consent.

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When I started to import goods from China once I started also my cooperation with ACC - they are my closest aid in this country and today I know that it will remain as long as possible.. Such assistance with imports from China is necessary and it is important to have someone who can be trusted. Therefore, owners of the ACC has never let me down in this respect.

Maks-Pol, Michał Maksym
ACC - its owners and employees are one group of people to whom I can rely on in any situation. Import from China is not a simple process, but always risky - in my case, I know that I can sleep peacefully. I am a long-standing partner of ACC and I hope I will stay with them as long as I continue my adventure with trading in China.

ZPH Dromader, Bogdan Zając
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