Our experience will help you to control business in China

In a six simple steps by using our services we can help you to save your time and grow your business.
  1. 1Searching for products and quality controlling China
  2. 2Verifying suppliers and conducting trade negotiation
  3. 3Supervising the implementation
  4. 4Organizing shipment, helping with air cargo shipments
  5. 5Supervising the process of loading
  6. 6Preparing and completing the documents

Questions and answers

  1. How can I start my import business in China?
    Please contact us and we will explain everything step by step and answer any questions and concerns that are related to this topic .
  2. Who will arrange my trip to China if I decide to visit this country?
    It all belongs to the scope of our duties: we will prepare for you an invitation required to obtain a business visa, we also arrange visits to factories, transportation and accommodation and of course translation during the stay in China. We can also arrange your stay at the fair in Guangzhou, Shanghai or Beijing.
  3. How can I protect my finances in China?
    Warranty gives you the contract with our company that is a cooperation contract we sign with each individual company and which is a subject to negotiation.
  4. How can you guarantee the confidentiality of the information?
    There is a section of our contract, section on loyalty and secrecy of the information. Please refer to us for further information.
  5. How can I find reliable manufacturers in China?
    It belongs to one of our responsibilities -, finding and verifying the manufacturers. At the beginning of cooperation, we suggest ordering so-called travel orders carefully controlled by us that are supposed to check the credibility and professionalism of the manufacturer.
  6. How long should I wait until I will receive the goods I order?
    It depends solely on the amount of goods you want to order and on its kind .Currently we can estimate 45 days for production time and around 30-35 days for sea freight transport. If you wish to send goods by air transportation, we can shorten the transportation time counting 7 -10 but the production time will be dependent on the factors listed above.
  7. How do I check the credibility of your company?
    If you get in touch with us, we can send you the list of companies we are cooperating as a reference .Also you can refer to the reference page on our website.
  8. What hours can I contact you?
    By email you can contact us at any time; we try to respond within 24 hours of receiving your request. Contacting via telephone please take into account the time differences which is six- hours during the summer and seven-hour time difference during the winter, so we leave the decision to contact us at your disposal time. Office hours start from Monday to Friday 9:00-18:00 (Chinese time).
  9. What is worth importing from China?
    Answer to this question is very simple. You should import this what there is a market for ,and you have some experience in dealing with . There are millions of goods but it was not for us to decide on what you should invest. This decision has always been made by our entrepreneurs. We are here to coordinate the entire import process and provide you goods to your destination in the same state as you have ordered.
  10. Is it worth cooperating with China?
    This question is one of the most frequently asked. You can just answer yes- definitely worth a try and take the risk, because there are more and more companies and entrepreneurs who are doing this and on our behalf we can promise we will try to make those order to run smoothly and to as successful as possible.
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  • Testimonials
    When I started to import goods from China once I started also my cooperation with ACC - they are my closest aid in this country and today I know that it will remain as long as possible.. Such assistance with imports from China is necessary and it is important to have someone who can be trusted. Therefore, owners of the ACC has never let me down in this respect.

    Maks-Pol, Michał Maksym
    ACC - its owners and employees are one group of people to whom I can rely on in any situation. Import from China is not a simple process, but always risky - in my case, I know that I can sleep peacefully. I am a long-standing partner of ACC and I hope I will stay with them as long as I continue my adventure with trading in China.

    ZPH Dromader, Bogdan Zając
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